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Mission: Whether working through a builder, interior decorator or directly with our clients, our want is to get the work done correctly the first time and exceed expectations; having all parties know their choice of a professional fabricator like Estates Woodworking LLC made their custom project easier, obtainable and genuinely theirs.

Design: Meeting with the owners and/or other design parties is a welcome process at Estates Woodworking; ideas intermingled and solidified is what custom is truly about. We will use plans furnished by others or we can hand-draw scale plans and elevations to different budget and comfort levels. Our work centers on the needs of our clients. Having been in the trades for over 40 years, problem issues can be anticipated and accommodations made or realized by the many involved before they result in unbudgeted cost.
Bidding: It is important your fabricator knows their business. As a manufacturing facility, Estates Woodworking concentrates on what is involved to make the product whole and complete. We itemize and price each required item for a room and summarize to a project, room by room, tally sheet. Everything is considered from style, to wood and finish, to specialty items. As with all customization, there can be gray areas covered by professional allowances - these margins for variance are always explained and presented as to necessity where client’s needs are unique. Our want is for the Client to receive product as expected or envisioned while fair cost is directed to all involved.
Fabrication: We are a fully vested woodworking shop. Work entails virtually any product made with woodworking tools and then some. We will fabricate in almost any marketable wood and at times have been asked to fabricate steel support structures which are easily done at our own facility. Our machinery is both American and German-made which affords us ease and confidence regarding scope of manufactured products. With our smaller company format, we can offer specialization beyond what is offered on the open market.
Finishing: Estates Woodworking finishes in-house. Our stains and opaque colors are custom blended for each individual project; matching to older pieces or developing new schemes is expected. Our conversion top coat finishes can be blended to any sheen and/or toned to create depth as in furniture quality finishes. Visually pleasing distressed and rustic motifs are hard to emulate - we have done newly made, rustic character cabinetry for over 20 years. Glazing to create highlights is common to our work.
Installation: Our work is priced with optional turnkey installation or the Owner/Builder can purchase and install product themselves. Because of the complicated construction trade, every job is different; our installs are quoted by allowance. We know how long it takes for each task involved and will most always beat our install time allowed but work environments and planned efforts are project specific. Our want is to only charge for what is involved - all parties getting cost effective consideration. Trim carpentry is what cabinetry and millwork are all about, our years of pre-finished woodwork installation put us at a competence level that is hard to find.
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